Tuesday, October 6, 2009

whip it

Had a girly night out tonight with gal pal Liana and we went to see Whip It. While I enjoyed this movie, I suspect I enjoyed it more for the derby than the actual movie. The actual movie is pretty much your standard underdog sports story with a lead character that seemed written to be over-the-top awkward. I found myself waiting for the "story" parts of the movie to be over so they could get back to the roller derby parts. I also found myself re-doing the soundtrack for this movie in my head. While it was still better than most of the mainstream movies out there, you'd think a movie like this would just be aching for a killer soundtrack jammed with all the great chick anthems and it just wasn't. There was even a Radiohead ballad off of Pablo Honey for goodness' sake. Ahh well......not every soundtrack can be like (500) Days of Summer I guess. All in all still an enjoyable movie with a great performance by adorable Kristen Wiig and a terrifying performance by Juliette Lewis. Honestly, that girl looks like something out of your worst nightmare.

So, run of the mill story with great derby in between. And oh the derby........the derby is so good. In theory, if we had roller derby in my town I'd slap on some skates and some fishnets so fast it'd make your head spin. You could call me Patsy Crime.

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