Monday, June 1, 2009

weekend round-up

I don't know what the deal is lately but I've been living like a dirty teenager for what feels like weeks.  And while part of me kinda digs it, part of me sees the end in sight and is not entirely unhappy about it.

Friday night started relatively chilled out at home and ended up the total opposite.  The plan was to head out, catch the Sunparlour Players' set at the Townehouse and head home at a respectable hour.  Well, I get a call from Marc (he was recording with The Saltcoats this weekend) at around 11:30pm saying "The Saltcoats got asked to open tonight!  Are you ready? I'm coming to get you and my gear right now!"  So already, the night is starting later than planned.  Get to the Townehouse, Saltcoats open and the Sunparlour boys take the stage for a killer set.  I danced, I drank a few beers and crawled into bed at about 3am.  My belly hurt from laughing and my throat hurt from talking WAY too much WAY too loudly.  Don't miss the chance to see these guys - they put on a great show and really are just the nicest guys you'll meet.

Saturday the REAL trouble began.  Ran some respectable grown-up errands in the morning all in preparation for Rockfest 2009.  Here's the deal:  every year Marc's gang of friends has put on a rock spectacle like no other.  It's a giant party and if you attend said party, a song performance is mandatory.  Marc and his friends Dan and Al are the house band, songs must be submitted weeks ahead of time, costumes are encouraged and liquid courage is truly a must.  I've been out of town for work for this party for the last 2 years and to be honest, I was pretty much crapping my pants at the thought of 1) singing a song, 2) with a band, 3) in front of real live people.  The song choices thankfully are more old-school rock cheese and you are judged on passion and not vocal ability.  My song choice was "Put the South in your Mouth" by White Cowbell Oklahoma.  After fretting about this for weeks,  a convo with my pal Dennis brought this one right to the surface.  It's only got 4 lyrics, it's got a great guitar solo and it's mega-easy to sing.  When Dennis mentioned it, it was like all my song troubles faded away.  

So the night arrives and the rock was brought by all and then some.  There was some Jethro Tull, some AC/DC, some GNR, Metallica, old school Neil Young and yes, even some Beastie Boys.  And I have no pics to show you because what happens at Rockfest, stays at Rockfest.

As you can imagine, Sunday I did nothing but drink water, take vitamins, nap and want to die.  I also had a large fake skull and cobra tattoo on my forearm that I couldn't fully remove until tonight.  

On another note, our contribution to the party was, of course, dessert and I think I lived up to my killer dessert reputation.  In the theme of my song choice, we opted for a dessert that was not only super yummy but also a little bit phallic in nature and guaranteed to earn more than a few dirty jokes.  In Arrested Development style, we whipped up some frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts.  Seriously delicious.  Here's how you do it:  peel bananas, cut in half, stick a stick in the end, freeze for 1 hour.  Melt chocolate and spoon over frozen bananas.  Roll quickly in nuts (the frozen banana makes the chocolate set super fast) and put back in the freezer.  I've decided I would like to have these on hand all summer.  The bananas keep the consistency of a hard ice cream and really, if you use a good chocolate they're actually pretty healthy.    Huzzah!!!


Canadian in London said...

also delicious banana treat.... take banana, peel it. Wrap it in bacon and grill it on BBQ. Suprisingly amazing!

Jane Flanagan said...

Yay SPP!