Thursday, June 11, 2009

a polaroid a day

I saw this on Twitter today, checked it out and my heart got all swoony sad. This guy (who later is discovered to be a photographer named Jamie Livingston) started a project where he took one polaroid of himself every single day until he died including shots of his proposal and wedding. Upon his death his friends put together the project as a public exhibit and called it PHOTO OF THE DAY: 1979-1997, 6,697 Polaroids, dated in sequence. Apparently the website he posted these images on had no information at all - just the photos. Chris Higgins at Mental Floss stumbled across it and after a 2 day internet search was able to dig the full story.

This pic was taken the day before he died.

This is a pic he took of his collection of polaroids.

Click here to see a great selection of some of the shots.

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