Wednesday, June 17, 2009

weekend round-up: the late version

So I'm back in the real world today after spending 5 fantastic days in Ottawa with and my favourite family and their new addition, handsome Milo!!!  Not only was it great to get out of town but I was so excited to meet Milo I could hardly sleep the night before we left.  

So how did we spend our time??  Pals Big City Kelly and Dennis joined us and wee shopped our faces off at Victoire and Trustfund, scored scones from the Scone Witch, chilled out in Westboro for Westfest where we were treated with a show from the always wonderful Danny Michel.

Marc's band The Joliettes also played a little punk festival called GagaFest so we also squeezed in some of that sweet action and took Milo to his first punk rock show!!!  Their show got quite a lovely review over at National Capital Rock.  Here's the verdict:  

"The Joliettes were yet another band I was unfamiliar with. They come from Sudbury (and have only played a trio of shows there). They've got a pair of folk harmonizing frontwoman, a hot lickin' guitarist and a punk rock drummer, Statues frontman Rob. They do sound super-sweet, and news of an upcoming Gaga records single is most welcome."

So YAY for the Joliettes!!!

And for me, the rest of the weekend pretty much boiled down to all things Milo.  He's a mere 7 weeks old and he's already my new favourite boy ever.  I took about 1000 pictures of him and if that was all that happened over the weekend, I would still have had the best weekend.

Sigh.  I heart my Ottawa family hardcore.


Dennis said...

Just wanted to clarify that I did not shop at the girly stores, just the cool stores where you got fun tech toys...

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