Friday, November 7, 2008

wedding love

I love this wedding post over at Joanna's for 2 reasons: It is so Wes Anderson style and reminds me so much of my own wedding except mine was much less New York chic and my invites and favours were not nearly as amazing.

First off, let's talk invitiations. Groom is a graphic designer so they hand typed the invites, made little buttons of themselves as party favours and a friend painted their portrait. I would give my right arm for a handpainted portrait of Marc and I in some fun medium like this. It is so Royal Tenenbaums perfect, my heart hurts.

They got married in the bride's childhood home (we got married in our home with the reception at my folks' place), walked down the aisle to music played by their friend (us too! Yay Dan!), she wore an adorable short dress (me too!) and they went out afterwards (us too!!)

Just cuz I'm feeling mushy, here's my favourite shot from our wee wedding. Sigh.....hi Bailey.


La Belette Rouge said...

Your wedding photo may be the cutest one I have ever seen. And, as I am a HUGE Wes Anderson fan, when I saw this post over at Joanna's I was green with envy and I have dreams of hiring him to do graphics for me. I am afraid he would be ridiculously expensive.

Jane Flanagan said...

You look completely beautiful and I adore your dress and the red and yellow flowers!