Saturday, November 1, 2008

the view from my couch

So as a result of being completely marooned on my sofa with no other options other than napping,  I've watched a lot of stuff on DVD.  Like A LOT.  Since Marc has the fun job of keeping me company, he has also watched a lot of stuff on DVD.  I took this opportunity to initiate him to the joy that is Entourage and we watched the entire first 3 seasons and he is now a full convert.

Second, I stopped fighting the urge and fell victim to the entire first season of Gossip Girl.  Basically I didn't watch it because I knew how much I would love it and frankly, my TV dance card was full.  But faced with an eternity immobile on my sofa, I decided enough was enough and I just needed to be happy.  And boy am I ever happy.  Gossip Girl is really the best ever and being able to watch it in its entirety has been glorious.  Considering I had a pretty nasty Chuck Bass crush without ever having seen the show, needless to say it is now unstoppable.  Gossip Girl = Best. Cure. Ever.

Third, I also chose to initiate Marc into the wonderful that is Mad Men.  I've been catching the odd episode here and there but have never been able to pin down it's airtime and I think Marc is just never home when it's on so he had never seen even a second of it.  Enter the first season on DVD and we are both happy campers.  I'm thinking of taking up smoking and plan on drinking a whole lot more while in my office.  I may even take it a step further and set up a clinky little drink cart too.  What's even better than that?  Seeing this Simpsons meets Mad Men ad for their annual Halloween episode this Sunday.  Thanks Kaili and Shannon for the smiley heads-up.  It really is the best.

I am also taking entertainment suggestions from any and all. My couch time sees no end in sight anytime soon and my DVD player is dangerously close to being empty.....


Dennis said...

Damn you for posting that Simpsons/Mad Men clip first!! ARGH!!! It's great eh?

kelly said...

I'm sorry that you've fallen victim to the Gossip Girl addiction, but I'm also pretty happy that I'm not alone. I've really come to accept and embrace my love for this stupid show, to the point where Steve knows it's the one hour during the week where he shouldn't bother trying to talk to me. And yeah, I'm with you on the Chuck Bass crush. I know you're supposed to outgrow that bad boy phase at some point, but I really never have.

As far as other shows, I can't possibly recommend The Wire highly enough. It's our #1 top addiction right now -- we've already bought the first 3 seasons on DVD. It's ridiculously superb... plus Dominic West and Idris Elba are both pretty sexy, which never hurts. Though I'm pretty sure Steve is sick of me saying so.

kaili said...

i can't remember if you share my love for the gilmore girls or not...let me know if you want, because i will send some ASAP...

i watched that during my long stay on the couch and it helped.

Daphna said...

Hi Tara,
I highly, highly, highly recommend "Rescue Me." It's Dennis Leary in a drama, so you have to be ready for a LOT of swearing and a pretty hard look at alcohol-abusing, two-timing firefighters and their problems in NYC after 9/11. There is a lot of eye candy to make up for all of the tragedy though :-)
If you're interested I can mail you the first three seasons, just give them back to Kaili when you see her.

Daphna (Kaili's friend in Ottawa)

kelly said...

Another Rescue Me fan, hooray! Tara, I second that recommendation. It's the #1 rated show in our household (especially since Steve is the biggest Denis Leary fan ever)... heartbreaking and hilarious and awesomely offensive. And yeah, the eye candy doesn't hurt.

Let me know if you want to borrow The Wire and I can send you season 1 of that too... trying to think what other box sets I have that you might not... first 2 seasons of Melrose or 90210? My So-Called Life? Three's Company (yes really.) Simpsons?

And you know you're always welcome to borrow my Shark Week box set. ;)

melis said...

hey tara
i'm not sure if we've had this conversation before but, 1 word (for serious tv/dvd addiction) = DEXTER. Do yourself a favour sister, if you haven't already...and rent it!
I'm not sure if it's ur thing and the 1st episode won't blow ur socks off but by episode 3 or 4 you'll probably be hooked, like EVERY other person i've talked to about it.
have fun!

ps- glad ur bloggin again, i missed you!

La Belette Rouge said...

Have you done the Turdors or Weeds yet? Love them both. During a particularly rough time I watched all seasons of Lost in one week. It was a good distraction.

tara said...

Kelly -- it's funny you should mention that cuz Brittainy sent over all her DVD's of The Wire for me on Monday! You can probably keep your Shark Week though although I do love that you own it.

Kaili -- Alas, I do not share your Gilmore Girls love. I can watch the odd episode but I think that might be about it I'm afraid.

Daphna -- nice to e-meet you after hearing Kaili rave about you for so long! My pal Kelly has been raving about that show since forever and she does have excelllent taste. I might have to check it out!

Melis -- Marc and I are so on the Dexter train already! I'm desperate for the 3rd season to come out on DVD so we can waste a whole weekend watching it!!

LBR -- we are completely on the same page. Weeds is one of my fave shows and MLP is completely a girl crush for me. And The Tudors? Well that's just over the top old school Brit porn for me -- it's so good. Even though you know how it ends I never want it to ever!

You guys are all great -- thanks for opening up your entertainment cabinets for me in my TV time of need!!!