Saturday, November 22, 2008

mutt or no mutt?

Ever stare at your pound puppy with his pointy Doberman ears, Poodle-like fur and Saint Bernardish jowels and wonder "What are you???" Well, wonder no more. Sharon posted this great link about a breed test that will determine what your mutt is made of. Swab the cheek, mail it in and you get a Canine Heritage Breed Test Certificate back in the mail for the price of $119.


Paula said...

are you kidding me?

tara said...

No, no I am not.

Jane Flanagan said...

How's Sadie?

I saw a Bernese Mountain dog puppy today who looks just like her and came running up all wagging and smiling and wanting to play. If I wasn't so happy for you I'd be insanely jealous.