Wednesday, November 12, 2008

speaking of wedding love...

...let's talk about the nuptials of Cowgirl reader and fellow high school alum, Tanya K. Talk about weddings that remind me of my own!! Details aside, Tanya's wedding is also the wedding that Marc and I tried to have when we realized we wouldn't be able to get married in Tofino, B.C which was kind of our fantasy wedding plan. When that didn't pan out we started planning what seems to be Tanya's exact wedding, venue included! We ended up getting married in our backyard instead and I although wouldn't change a thing about it, I feel like I'm living vicariously through her wedding. As if, even though it didn't end up working for us, I kinda still got to see what it would have been like cuz we were so on the same wavelength when it came to wedding details! Anyway, here's a photo comparison of why I love Tanya's wedding SO much.

The dress. Tanya and I both braved the world of internet shopping for our dresses. Mine, I paid $120 dollars for and bought sight unseen off the JCrew website and had no alterations done except to have Marc's mom make me a sash for my waist. Tanya braved Bluefly for her adorable short Vera Wang dress, sight unseen, no alterations. Let's hear it for internet wedding dresses!!

The shoes (see above photos). My Fluevog wedding shoes cost me 3 times the cost of my dress and were the first thing I purchased, I had to design the whole rest of the wedding to match them and aside from marrying Marc, was the best decision I made about that whole day. Tanya, wanting to be as tall as her hubby on the big day, sourced out these drop dead gorgeous orange Nine West skyscrapers. That's right, on her wedding day she picked fabulous orange shoes. Love it! Seriously, it really is all about the shoes.

The venue. Tanya got married at the Arowhon resort in Algonquin park. Marc and I came within a millimeter of getting married here but caved cuz we wouldn't have been able to have Bailey and Mina be a part of the wedding. It's so pretty and can see from Tanya's photos that it would indeed have been gorgeous. It's really small and intimate and exactly what we wanted. Word from Tanya is that the food is insane for anyone that might be looking for a great getaway.

The flowers. We opted to revive the forgotten gardens that came with our backyard as opposed to spending tons of money on flowers we'd never use again. The result is a garden that will last hopefully as long as we do. We did have bouquets and centerpieces but we made them ourselves from the buckets of sunflowers we bought in bulk from a drugstore flower store. Tanya opted for letting nature take the credit too. After all, when you're in Algonquin Park, nothing you do could be prettier than what's already there. Small gorgeous bouquet -- so perfect with her dress (see last photo below).

The tattoos. Tanya is ballsy and chose her wedding date on the inside of her lip. I chose the inside of my wrist. What can we say? We're girls who are not afraid of committment!!

Man, I could talk about weddings all the time now that mine is over and done with.

All to say, congrats Tanya on your beautiful, beautiful wedding! Great minds think alike!!


La Belette Rouge said...

Your weddings make me wish I could time travel and do a wedding that was more reflective of who we are and not what is expected. Both of you have weddings that seem so you.

And, I adore your wedding tats. Sooooo cute!! Talk about commitment.

Tanya K said...

wwww...what a sweet entry. i'm tearing up here!! i am glad you enjoyed my wedding (in pics) as much as i did. our dogs were the only thing missing, but the arowhon dogs were fun to hang with. i recommend that place to anyone and for any occasion. from the food to the fantastic service to the perfect atmosphere and back to the food (i still dream of poached cod and parsley cream sauce for breakfast), it really is a perfect place.

la belette rouge...thank you for the compliments!!

i should add two things about the tattoo.
1. i actually had it done before we were even engaged (had a date picked out already).
2. the date is 10-4 because he was a trucker when we met. wakka, wakka.

anyway, here is a link to another album if anyone is interested in seeing more of the atmosphere (or my friends after drinking a little).