Wednesday, March 3, 2010

annual oscar rant

So maybe I need to rant about the Oscar race to help make me feel all jazzy again? Who knows but we'll give it a try. This year especially given my hate-on for Avatar? Oh yeah, I got LOTS to say...

Best Picture
Ok so there's 10 nominees this year which I think is just silly but what do I know? What movie do I WANT it to be? An Education. Which movie do think it will be if people vote with their brains? The Hurt Locker. Which movie will it be if the "drunk on special effects" public gets its way? Avatar of course. The way I see it, a movie absolutely should not be listed in Best Picture if it also doesn't have any acting nominations or writing nominations. After all, the best picture should be just that -- the best of all categories. Avatar can win every single technical category and that will be entirely justified. Even I will admit that. But the movie is written like a soap opera, the acting was cringe-worthy, the storyline borderline insulting. The Hurt Locker on the other hand? I think that if I liked it as much as I did - and keep in mind that I don't watch war movies as a rule and only made an exception for this cuz it was on TV - well that says a lot for me. The movie is crafted brilliantly from start to finish, it's heart-pumping, it's character driven and one of the best directed films I've seen all year. So it can win and I'll be happy even though An Education has a special place in my heart.

Best Actor
This category has got to go to Jeff Bridges hands down. Crazy Heart is a really, really good movie -- not an amazing movie -- but Jeff Bridges is totally what made that movie for me. And outside of The Big Lebowski, I've never really liked anything he's done. George Clooney? Well we all know I loved Up in the Air but he was nowhere near as good as Jeff. Not this time George..

Best Actress
Since I think Carey Mulligan is just the most adorable thing to grace a screen in a very long time and since I loved An Education so much, I'd LOVE it to be her. But unfortunately, we all know it's gonna be Sandra Bullock no matter how many times she says there's no way she'll win. The thought of Sandra Bullock beating out Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren though? That's just not right. Even though Julie & Julia was just an awful movie. And guaranteed she'll wear a bad dress. Ugh. I just think Sandra winning is the most boring and predictable choice ever.

Best Supporting Actor
Christoph Waltz, for me, was the absolute only good thing about Inglorious Basterds. But man, what a good thing he was. Just perfection.

Best Supporting Actress
Normally I can't fathom picking anyone over Maggie Gyllenhaal but she was just kinda "meh" in Crazy Heart. In my heart I want it to be Anna Kendrick but I just think she's way too new and still way too close to Twilight for people to vote for her. It's gonna be Mo'Nique for sure I think.

Best Director
Kathryn Bigelow -- it just has to be, if only to save us all from the inevitable horror that will be James Cameron's acceptance speech. Did you hear him at the Golden Globes when in the midst of the Haiti disaster he said "let's have a hand for all of us -- let's hear it for us!!!" What an asshole. James can direct his movies but he should never be allowed to write them. I just wish someone would tell him that. Speeches aside, Bigelow made a brilliant film and deserves to be recognized for it.

Best Cinematography, Best Editor, Best Art Direction, Best Sound Mixing and Editing, Best Visual Effects
This has to go to Avatar hands down. The other nominees shouldn't even show up. Or if they do show up they should just go ahead and get really drunk cuz they certainly don't have to worry about making a speech on international television. Even though I hated most things about this movie, even I must admit that it was GORGEOUS to watch and that fact frankly kept me from leaving the theatre. They crafted every single blade of grass, every flower petal, the night scenes are amazing and the technical team behind this film is truly, truly a gifted bunch and should get every single award they make. But that is all. The craftsmanship behind this film is what tricked people into thinking they were watching an amazing film. As my friend posted about this film "Artists: Working Hard So Writers Don't Have To."

Best Original Song
First of all, I think it's a total rip-off that the Best Song nominees aren't performing during the show this year. Seriously what's up with that?? It's the best part! Remember last year when "It's Hard Out There For a Pimp" busted out?? That song saved the whole telecast!! BUT, it's not going to happen so we must move on. My choice? Hands down, "The Weary Kind" from Crazy Heart. What a great song that is perfect for the film.

Best Animated Feature
It's going to be Up. Of course it is. Especially because it's nominated as Best Picture too and it's obviously not going to win that. And I guess I'm alright with Up winning cuz I've only heard amazing things about it. But I just loved Fantastic Mr. Fox SO much that my heart gets all happy when I think that maybe other people liked it that much too.

And that is all for me this year. I didn't see all the films this year. As I've said a million times, the Coen brothers are right up there in my top 3 favourite filmmakers so I imagine I'd be picking that film for Best Picture had I seen it but what can you do?

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