Monday, February 8, 2010

weekend round-up: derby and An Education

So I kind of got away from doing my weekend round-ups over the Christmas holidays basically because I was off for so long that my weekend round-ups would pretty much sound like every other day I was having. But now that I'm back in the swing of 2010, well heck let's start gabbing about the weekends again!

Friday started the weekend a bit early for me as I was treated to a lovely lunch with my Mom. Yay for lunches with Mom!!

Friday night took a bit of a turn for the strange. Strange but kind of fun. We had a fundraiser for our Nickel City Roller Derby League and so us derby gals headed out to a "club" here in town. I say "club" cuz it's exactly the kind of place I hate going -- bad music, frat boys and gals trying way too hard in far too few clothes. But in the spirit of derby -- off we went! Thank goodness for a pile of my friends that all showed up cuz that certainly made the night bearable. Man, I know we were all those girls at some point but leaving that place just made me feel bad for them -- they were trying SO hard and wearing SO little -- you know the majority of them went home alone after all that. Anyway, Marc and I were very happy to go home together and fall into a couch-full of pillows and put the driving bass behind us.

Saturday brought a really lovely walk in the conservation area with Sadie, some errand running and record shopping. After leaving with our arms full o'vinyl, we stuffed our bellies with croissants and cookies at a local bakery, ran some more errands and headed home for a delightful family nap.

Post-nap, Marc made me a delicious dinner of squash and pancetta risotto and took me out on date to see An Education, a really great movie. Not a new story - your standard young wide-eyed girl meets worldly exciting older man -- but it's a really smart story and one that is well told with some really meaty characters. And with a screenplay by Nick Hornby, of course it's quite witty and moves along at a great pace. And let's just talk about the adorable Carey Mulligan. She is just the most adorable thing I've seen since Audrey Tautou in Amelie. You just want to scoop her up and put her in your pocket. And on an even girlier note? Let's take a moment to appreciate the styling of this film. It made me want to slap on some pearls, sweep my hair up into a chignon and step into a fabulous printed shift dress. Gorgeous!! See this film and you won't be sorry.

Sunday we greeted the glorious sunshine with a nice long hike on the snowshoe trail up at the conservation area. It was such a stunning day it really seemed a shame not to spend it communing with nature. Marc even fed the chickadees right out of his hand. He's so zen. Spent the rest of the day in domestic bliss -- I cleaned, did laundry, baked muffins, and did all kinds of other domestic-y things. We did not watch the Superbowl but we DID watch the PuppyBowl (which Sadie actually watched with us - no joke) and ate nachos.

All in all, a truly great weekend with lots of great outside fun and some good couple-y-ness. Which I never complain about really....

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