Sunday, January 10, 2010

what I did on my christmas vacation: up in the air

Marc and I also had a date night to see Up in the Air, the new George Clooney movie in which he plays a man whose job is to fly around the country firing people on behalf of their employers. I really, really liked this movie and what I liked the most about it is that for once, here's a George Clooney movie that he's not the life and breath of. Even though he's good, this movie is really all about Anna Kendrick -- she is what makes this movie great. She should run as fast as she can in the opposite direction from the Twilight movies and straight towards bigger and greater things and I suspect that's exactly what she's doing.

The movie is a bit disjointed in some places but all in all, it's a great story with great characters (if not a wasted character in Jason Bateman -- why did he take that role at all??) but for me, all about Anna 100%.

This movie also made me never want to travel for work ever again. I mean, I don't really relish work travel to begin with - I would just always rather be at home with Marc -- but watching this guy who travels 300 days out of the year just made my skin crawl.

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