Sunday, January 10, 2010

nice globes 2009

So I'm a bit late on this, I know. Anyway, here's my annual rant on some of this year's Golden Globe nominations. Not that any of this really matters but I always have fun rambling about this kinda stuff so here we go.

To be honest I haven't seen many of the movies nominated this year but I'll do my best.

Best Motion Picture Drama: I don't so much care which one wins but if it's Inglorious Basterds I'll cry. That movie shouldn't even be in this category. I bet it's Avatar though.

Best Motion Picture Comedy: My heart of hearts wants it to be (500) Days of Summer because I loved every second of that film but I doubt it'll win. As long as it's not Julie & Julia I'll be happy. My guess? The Hangover. And rightly so.

Best Performance by an Actor Comedy: The thing I like the most about this category? Seeing Daniel Day Lewis and Joseph Gordon Levitt listed in the same category. Whodda thunk the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun would one day be listed in the same category as one of the greatest actors ever.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: If this doesn't go to Anna Kendrick then this award is rigged.

Best Animated Picture: If you're talking quality of a project then it HAS to be Fantastic Mr Fox but it's hard to believe anyone stands a chance against the Pixar giants etc.

Best Original Score: This will likely get swallowed up in the inevitable Avatar tidal wave but really it should go to Karen O for her brilliant soundtrack for Where the Wild Things Are. That soundtrack captured the true essence of a film like few others ever have.

Best Television Series Drama: Man what a category!!!!!! 4 of my favourite shows ever all in one category! This season of Mad Men was pretty spectacular though so that's my pick. But if it's Big Love, then I won't argue with that either - this last season was brilliance!

Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama Series: Again - what a race!! I really hope it's Jon Hamm but if it's Michael C Hall it'll be totally deserving - his work in this season of Dexter was really excellent.

Best TV Series Comedy: The face that Entourage is even nominated makes me question this whole process. That whole last season was a write off and was one of the worst TV seasons of all the shows this year. I bet Glee takes it this year though -- that show is taking over the world!!

Best Performance by an Actress in a Comedy: I love that Toni Collette got nominated this year -- I'm a huge fan of United States of Tara and think her ability to play 5 separate roles so incredibly well makes her well worth the win. I just don't know if anyone stands a chance against Tina Fey though.

Best Supporting Actress in a Series: This has to go to Chloe Sevigny I say -- she was all kinds of batshit crazy this season of Big Love.

Best Supporting Actor in a Series: I REALLY want John Lithgow to win for his work on Dexter this season -- he played one of the best TV villains ever!!! As long as Jeremy Piven doesn't get it for essentially doing more of the same I'll be happy. I bet Neil Patrick Harris wins it though.

And that's my opinion for this year.

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henzy said...

i agree with you almost all the way.. would love Neil Patrick Harris to win.. he hasn't yet.. and i'm sick of Jeremy Piven winning, also loved Hangover.. I don't want it to be Julie&Julia.. just because Meyrl Streep is in a movie doesn't mean it has to win an award.. love all the drama shows..