Monday, July 12, 2010

weekend round-up

Strange weekend I think. Typically I'd have spent this entire weekend at our city's annual music festival, the Northern Lights Festival Boreal but this year there were about 50 different things that kept me from being a festival bug for 3 days.

Friday we pretty much spent our entire evening running a pile of errands that we'd been putting off. Picked up some more flowers and herbs for the garden, bought the best skirt ever that I'm thinking I might wear for the entire rest of this pregnancy and just did a whole host of other tiny things. Got home in time for this lady to make some toast and crash out. I know, I am a wild party.

Saturday we made it out to the festival for the day at least but I was pretty under-whelmed with the whole experience. They had to change venues for this year and I just felt like it was really lacking in the atmosphere that usually makes the festival so wonderful. Being a huge fat pregnant lady didn't really help me get into the spirit of the whole thing either though so it was kinda an uphill battle for me from the start. With the extreme heat, zero shade, and no chairs I was just not a happy camper at all. I tried hard but just couldn't bring up the festival love I'm afraid. Headed home around supper time for a giant sun-stroked fueled nap and made it out again for the festival after-show at the Townehouse which perked me up considerably. A little Cuff the Duke will make any gal smile I think. Oh and we also watched Moon with our dinner -- what a great movie!!! Clearly talent does run in the Bowie family....

Sunday I slept in like crazy, we took Sadie to the lake for a swim, ran some more errands and were home in time for the World Cup Final game. And snacks!! Yay for Spain! Ole indeed!! Finished off the night with a truly delicious dinner courtesy of Marc (he made one of Mario Batali's recipes for beef with these super yummy vinegar potatoes) and some True Blood watching.

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