Monday, July 12, 2010

portland wedding love

I know I fall in love with a lot of weddings but this one might be my most favourite wedding ever. Kelly and Joseph had a wedding in the woods in Portland and it is cut straight from the cloth of my fantasy wedding. As a little girl I never, ever dreamed of my big white wedding in a church with all the trimmings. I only ever wanted a small, homestyle wedding on the dock of our family camp. That was never able to happen as my grandfather sold the camp when I was in my early teens - something I consider to be one of our great family tragedies. But I digress.

This wedding is exactly the wedding I would have wanted.

Of course there would be dogs....

I love the idea of a wedding party travelling through the forest.

I love the way her bouquet looks like she picked it on the way to the ceremony site. I'm also ultra in love with her perfect birdcage veil.

Picnic blankets everywhere -- best idea!!

And this. This is my favourite wedding photo of all time.

Photos by the truly gifted Leah Verwey.

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