Tuesday, April 20, 2010

roasted broccoli

Saw this recipe for roasted broccoli over at The Amateur Gourmet and I couldn't get home fast enough to make it. Turns out it's actually Ina Garten's recipe (which explains the insane deliciousness of it). If you're like me you likely have your tried and true way of making broccoli and while I'm certainly not abandoning that method any time soon (cuz it's super yummy) this is certainly a nice change. I never think to roast broccoli until caramelized and turns out it's also a great use for broccoli that may be a bit past it's prime since it doesn't matter how crisp it is if you're just gonna roast it at a high temperature.

This recipe is super worth the try -- it's dead simple and tasty beyond tasty.

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