Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Now I don't know if this is true but let's just say for the sake of cuteness that it is.  Marc sent me this story this morning and as you can guess, it's my new favourite thing.  According to this story, this hungry, lonely and abandoned fawn, whose mother was hit by a car, was found by this squishy adorable beagle and lured back to his house.  Cute baby fawn then followed the beagle into the house through the doggy door and the owners returned home to the below scene.  If I came home to find Sadie with a baby fawn I just might die from cuteness overload.


Dennis said...

Two things. Sadie will never fit through a doggie door, and if she "lured" a baby fawn home you'd come in to baby fawn bones everywhere!

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

HAHA! Ain't that cute.

Ice Pony Girl
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