Friday, December 11, 2009

white wonderland with jonathan adler

The Kitchn did a great post the other day featuring all lovely white kitchen gifts from Jonathan Adler. Talk about a post after my own heart! These are my faves:Bottle Stoppers: $18. Available in either Squirrel, Fish, Elephant or Bird. Honestly, so cute!!

Whale Pitcher: for $95. Big City Kelly showed me this not too long ago and I died. If I could pour my milk out of this every day, my day could only be great!

Napkin Rings: $18, available in Fish, Owl, Rabbit and Snail. Totally affordable and totally adorable.

Darjeeling Teapot: for $110. While it's undeniably adorable, I would never spend $110 on a teapot.

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